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About Hogan

Hey, I'm Hogan, long time Webcomic Reader and Enthusiast and occational dabbler and ringmaster in various webcomic projects, especially community based ones.

I've enjoyed webcomics for more than a decade and have grown to love the community growing up around there, and I therefore try to give something back to the community, back to the artists that brings us together and entertains us on a daily basis for free.

To this I'm continually working on the sites of The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive as well as Webcomics Offline, sites geared towards connecting and interacting with the various webcomics and readerships, with the exact goal of spreading the news of said webcomics and benefitting its creators, both in terms of readership and revenue.
This Patreon is set up as another means for supporting webcomic creators. Every cent of income going through it will be use helper improving the before mentioned sites as well as to help and support other Webcomic Creators and Enthusiast also to be found on Patreon.

Also, as a sidebenefit, by supporting the sites you also tell me that you acknowledge the job I am doing on them, encouraging me to continue doing it, and you furthermore allow me to support other artists who need it :-)
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Webcomics Offline will get its own Domain Name!
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