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Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! :)

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Thank you so much for choosing to support me, I really appreciate it.

Having this tier will enable you to receive a text based tierlist that will be updated every patch. This is different from the video tierlist's that I tend to make every 6-8 patches.

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Choosing this tier will allow you to receive VOD Reviews of Pro Players created by Nemesis and I.

You will also receive a tier list for drafting in Clash (This tier list will be regularly updated around the same time as the solo queue tier list is updated)

Additionally, you'll will be given access to the monthly Patreon Exculsive QnA with Nemesis and I on the LS Community Discord.

+ You'll get access to all previous rewards. 
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About LS

Hey everyone,

I'm making this patreon to try to add on another source of reliable income. With the income generated from patreon it'll help me acquire more things for my streaming/youtube. The last time I made a patreon, it was centered entirely around coaching rewards and other things, and it ultimately became something that ended up causing more stress than relief. This patreon goal is to be different, as it's main goal is just to generate specific funding for the youtube/stream/content. Eventually I'm hoping this patreon can eventually help me gain access to future idea's, like potentially academy houses or professional IRL content/documentaries. 

I'm looking to enhance both of my YouTube channels presence and to to provide different types of series centering around educational content, this requires a constant video editor since I can't do it myself. This patreon will also aid in covering the expenses of the video editor, as a percentage of it will be going to him. He'll be covering both my primary and secondary channel. 

This patreon will also enable people to have a more hands on approach to trying to suggest content to me and allow people to offer their opinions on what they'd like to see in the future. In the future, some of the tiers/rewards might change, and potentially more goals will be added in the video. A video talking about this patreon will be coming soon, as well as semi-frequent updates on changes if it ever takes any.

Thanks so much again for anything!

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