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As a Guild member, you get all of the rewards for the lower level pledges, and also have access to the library of obj components for use in your own miniatures.  You can use these for personal use however you wish - from incorporating parts into your own digital models or 3D printing them for use in a physical miniature conversion.


You also get 10% off STL purchases from my official STL store at MyMiniFactory 

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Hello Friend! Welcome to the Lions Tower Adventurers Guild where you will find all manner of digital content that will satisfy your miniature hobby cravings! 

You will be able to download digital models in STL format to print at home, as well as a variety of digital components/assets created in the process (heads, weapons, arm
or, adornments etc) which you will be able to download for personal use.  I will also produce tutorials showing how I make the models and how you can use the components amongst other things.
I am Dan Kelly - married to the beautiful Hayley and dad of 2 wonderfully characterful children (Jacob and Willow).  I've been painting miniatures since I was 5 years old and I prefer to paint without needing to rely on washes and drybrushing to show off the details.  All of my miniatures are designed with this in mind - to be nice to paint! I took up sculpting in the first place to be able to inject some personality and a sense of dynamic movement into miniatures, and you'll find this is a common feature through my work.  My time is limited with a young family but I am always happy to talk shop when it comes to miniatures.
How it works
Subscribe as a Patron during the appropriate month for the theme that takes your fancy - you will be billed up front as soon as you sign up. You can immediately download the available STL files, access the component library, view content including tutorial and time lapse videos, and participate in the design polls. As the month progresses I will add new content, including new STL files to be added to the bundle, accessible to all patrons who have the appropriate access as a reward in their tier. The folders will be live throughout the month and then removed from visibility on the last day of the month. The folder link will be emailed to all eligible Patrons via Patreon Messenger when it is removed and will remain live for 30 days after the month has concluded to allow you time to download your files 

To access the STL files, once subscribed, click on the Featured Tag on the left hand side of this page called "Monthly STL Downloads" - All of the months files will be there. There will only ever be one post with this tag and that will always be the current months files.  You can also click the links below:

(NOTE, this link takes you to the monthly post with the link to the files.  To obtain the files you need to click on the big blue SYNC logo - its not an advert, its actually where you get the files!)



I really wanted the models from XXX month, but I was too late subscribing...
If you are If you've been looking at the sculpts for any of the previous months and want to get your hands on them, my entire back catalogue is available to purchase from my official STL store at where you can purchase them either individually or as a bundle.
Patrons get a regular 20% off all purchases with the latest code being published each month.  the Value of the discount may on occasion be higher though!

Variety and modularity

I aim to offer as much variety and customisation options as possible, so you will find alternative heads and weapons are a common feature, and I will always endeavour to do this with all models time permitting, though time often gets away so shout if you particularly want variants of any given model.
EDIT: As of June 2020, all models where practical are provided with modular heads and weapons so as to be cross compatible.  that means all models are the same scale and have corresponding spherical sockets for heads and hands

The Lions Tower Community
I engage with my Patrons directly through Patreon but also through my Discord Server (link issued when you subscribe).  A lot of the sculpting I've done has been to bring the requests of Patrons to life!  This is a community and I'd love to see everyone engaging, giving feedback, making requests and generally making the most of this journey with me!  I obviously can't accommodate all requests immediately but i always aim to please where I can.

Also, please join the Lion Tower Community Group on Facebook to share your prints, paint jobs, conversions and be part of a friendly and supportive community

LEVEL UP! Artificer August!
This month I'll be doing something a little different.  from now on, I'll be tackling modular heroes each month with a level up theme.  You'll get one male and one female character representing a given class.
Each model will have modular heads and hands for weapons, all compatible with last months Kingsguard models
Each character will also be represented in 3 stages:
- Noob/Novice/Low-Level
- Veteran/Mid-level
- Epic/Legendary/High-Level
That will be 6 unique minis before the month is through.  In addition to that, the Awesome Ty Mansfield is helping me with posing again to help speed up my workflow so I'll be giving you each of them in both a relaxed pose and an Action pose so you can choose your preference. 

Once I pass the 500 patron mark I'll start offering mounted poses each month too.

I won't be spending a whole month on Kingsguard again, but those of you that read my posts will know I'm working on a much bigger project for them and will be eventually running a Kickstarter for the full set.  in the meantime, I'll be adding units in with the other monthly offerings as and when they are done.  This includes the continuation of the Final Fantasy tribute which I am including within the Kingsguard army.

I've started this month without a sculpt yet and will be working on getting them out to you all ASAP.  That also means you can get in early and have a say in the development of these characters - what heads you want, what weapons you'd like, extra kit etc. 

Also, as voted for by Patrons last month, I am also including the Archive classic set from September last year - the Warriors of the Cloth.  They'll be getting the pre-supported treatment before the end of the month and I'll add another thematic model in to that set too.

I am currently trialling releasing my minis as pre-supported to be printed in resin.  As well as the standard files, you will also find supported versions of each of the minis.  simply drop them into your slicer and print.  They have been successfully printed by me on an Elegoo Mars and Epax X1, and I have had a number of other people successfully print on the Photon and other similar printers.  I can't guarantee they will work for you, but I also can't see any reason they wouldn't.  Either way if you use them please provide me with feedback to help me to decide whether to carry on providing this additional service.  Thank you!

With all of my supports they are designed to be printed at 0.025 Micron layer thickness (as the optimal balance between ultra fine detail and print time), so increasing or decreasing this may result in variable success..  

As of July 2020, the pre-supported files are now being created by the wonderful Paul Elston!  Thanks Paul for your hard work!

Starter Chest
The starter chest is a selection of miniatures which is added to each month.  Whilst the monthly figures are only available to those who subscribe during a particular month, the Starter Chest is always accessible to all Patrons eligible for STL downloads.

Current contents of the Starter Chest are:

Component Library
I also maintain a library of components which I have created whilst sculpting models.  I regularly use these components either as is to enhance the detail of a miniature or speed up the sculpting process, or as a starting point for a new sculpted element.

Each month this list of items will grow as it is continually added to.  I'm happy to take requests if there's something you particularly need!

IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions of use
All files downloaded from Patreon are meant for you as Patron only.  If someone asks for a copy of the model, please send them here to get them to subscribe or to the MyMiniFactory store linked above to pick it up.  The more subscribers i get, the better value you will all get for your money. 
By downloading the content from this page you accept this Agreement and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, please do not download it.
Terms of use are as follows:
  • STL files and library components are for personal use only. Print as many as you want for your own use, but please do not sell or otherwise distribute them. 
  • You may modify the STL files for your own personal use, but you may not upload the modified file to any platform to allow others to download it.
  • You may use components from the library in your own sculpts, as long as credit is given to either myself directly (Dan Kelly) or to Lion Tower Miniatures as a contributor. (note, I make no claim to your model of any profits following it, just want to ensure I'm credited).
  • All models are sculpted to 32mm scale unless otherwise stated.  You may print at different scales if you wish but please note when publishing images that the original sculpt is designed and detailed a 32mm mini.  
  • All miniatures produced by me are not to be redistributed on in any digital format on any platform (including kickstarter, other Patreon Accounts, Thingyverse etc.)
  • Prints of miniatures may be sold if you are a current subscriber to the Guild Merchant tier.  Sales are only permitted whilst a current subscription is held - if the subscription is cancelled, your permission to sell them is immediately withdrawn.
  • if you publish any images you using the miniatures you have gotten from here, please take the time to put a link back to my website, Patreon, Facebook etc so that others can find me - the more subscribers I get, the better value for money you get! 
  • All copyrights belong to Lion Tower Miniatures. NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user in the act of subscribing. My designs are protected by intellectual property laws.

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All of the weapons made each month that are added to the component library will also be added in STL format so they are immediately scaled and printable
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts

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