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Art from ecological complexity

I was raised as a settler on unceded Syilx territory, into what I would like to call ecological complexity. With Waterworld on DVD, AirSoft gunfights on farmland, tree forts on Crown property, Beast Wars on cable, and snowmobiles on back-country trails.

It's unsurprising that masculinity, ecology and dominance over nature informed my earliest work. And that continues today.

Your help on Patreon can keep my work free, weird, and accessible

I want to keep my work accessible. That's why I build site-specific installations in public galleries and public spaces. It shouldn't cost anything extra for people to experience.

My work doesn't sell. And that's okay! I want to share absurd, sometimes uncomfortable work with the public. Using low art like DIY electronics and sci-fi aesthetics, and exploring big systemic problems. Though the work has moments of humour, I can't imagine making pleasant commercial paintings. For me, it would be both out of touch with my roots, and the messy, scary future we face!

Your contributions will help me research and produce. With only a couple exceptions, my work so far has been self-funded. Every small donation can help cover studio fees, materials, equipment, and books. You can help fund better work. And take part in every step.

How patrons can get access and take part

Things are collapsing. Under the weight of a capitalism-fuelled climate crisis. A sixth mass extinction. We can unpack some of that. Materially. With microprocessors, expanding foam, Google Maps routes, synthetic fibres, powder-coated steel, videos, and playing cards. Call it a coping strategy. With your help we'll explore a swampy, ecologically-interconnected, hybrid, futuristic now.

Through Patreon you'll get richer content, art objects, and deeper dives into my research. The kind of content you can't get from short instagram stories. Sketches for installations, downloadables, brief essays, diagrams, prototypes, and badly recorded videos of me explaining why Frankenstein is the most important book ever written.

Take part in every step. It's of course okay to help from the side-lines, but I'll be asking questions, creating polls and having conversations on Patreon, including the usual places. I'm looking forward to it.

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