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Hey you sexy people, thank you so much for supporting me. 

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It means a lot and I'm so happy to share this journey with you. 

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SICILY - Still poor, but you like to spend more money then you have on your bank account.

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Of course you get access to my patron only feed and I will answer your question in an exclusive Q & A Video every month.

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Roma - La Bohemia, you want it, you got it

That is huge, graze Mille

You get access to my my patron only feed, to the Q & A Video, you can download my music AND 

you get a personalized Casette with Luca Vasta Songs. 


In Addition you can choose an item from my Gelato Shop. 

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About Luca Vasta

Ciao Ragazzi,

my name is Luca. I write music and I sing in English and Italian.
In 2017 I made a big step and decided to start my own label in order to be independent.
I called It "Gelato Records", because we all love Gelato and because I'm half Italian, Sicilian to be more priciest. 

Currently I'm back in the studio, making new songs to release an album this autumn and to make this happen I'm asking for your support. 
Whether you support at €1, or more, or just enjoy my music & videos and share it.
It feels amazing to share it here with you. 



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