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I know your story, Caine of Nod.
She said, smiling.
You are hungry. Come! I have food.
You are cold. Come! I have clothes.
You are sad. Come! I have comfort.

The Book of Nod
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About The Luciferian Dominion

We are a small Luciferian ministry, humbled by support and stretched to our organizational limits over the last two years by a wave of interest, activists and volunteers drawn in by our message. What is our message?

That principles of ecology and Left Hand Path philosophy can combine to create a powerful liberating force of indepdendence for people exploited under late-stage capitalism. That we can provide for and protect each other and therefore provide for and protect others. 

We approach contemporary issues such as food independence, mutual aid, community defense and liberation from late-stage capitalism as moral imperatives. We belive that Dominion is a state of complete communal sovereignty and of ecological and social stewardship. We believe that environmental harmony, rather than domination, is our inherent relationship to the natural world, and oppose those who would poison and corrupt the living world. We believe this state of earthly stewardship is symbolized by the fall of Lucifer to earth, and the parables associated with Lucifer, Lilith and Leviathan.

Keeping up with our growing interest is a big job, and we don't want to be an online ministry forever, we want to get our hands in the dirt! We have four tiers of support, all of which support our growth.

As a ministry, our expenses can vary wildly, from hosting, to office supplies, to stickers and business cards. We have a lot of legal paperwork and associated fees. We hire artists and designers. Every bit helps.

Our Beasts of the Field and higher tiers come with exclusive access to our Patrons-only Discord channel (as well as the other public areas on our server). This access is subject to the rules of our Discord server, and subject to revocation at any time.

Thank you so much for your time and continued contributions.

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