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Join the Starry Host

$1 /mo
All Patrons get access to our Patreon community - updates on new things, discussion of current and future episodes, Q&A, etc. Also, starry computer backdrop download & optional listing on t...

Acolyte, Church of Starry Wisdom

$5 /mo
All previous rewards, plus I will offer my creative juices to fashion you a fancy mythical astronomy nickname, unless you have a preferred name (you must send me fun info to use). You grand title w...

Priest or Priestess, Church of Starry Wisdom

$10 /mo
All previous rewards, but you will be sponsoring an individual section - your starry nickname will be gloriously read and written at the beginning of a section with one or two others. Plus, EARLY A...

Sacred Order of the Black Hand

$13 /mo
All previous rewards, and once each episode I will read one of the most twisted lines from George as a message from the Black Hand. Black Hands alone can submit suggestions for this and be credited. 

Avatar of one of the Twelve Houses of Heaven

$19 /mo
The twelve zodiacal constellations are referenced in a cryptic and awesome way in A Song of Ice and Fire, with each being tied to a specific First Men house. You will be named the avatar o...

Guardian of the Galaxy

$20 /mo
You will be named as the Guardian for one of the named constellations in ASOIAF. The Sword of the Morning, the Crone's Lantern, the Stallion / Horned Lord, the Moon Maid, the Ice Dragon, the Shadow...

White Walker of the Woods

$26.66 /mo
You are a child of Night's Queen, one of the white shadows who ride down on the winds of winter. You will periodically be sighted walking the woods during the podcasts & livestreams, your name ...

The Long Night's Watch

$33 /mo
As one of the Last Hero's companions, you will give up your life to become a green zombie, the only thing capable of braving the cold dead lands and facing the Others and their cold servants. You w...


$50 /mo
You are a freaking dragon. You don't ride a dragon; you ARE the dragon. We will fashion a backstory as to your origins, and you will periodically be sighted flying through the podcast and doing dra...