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Quickie Comics and Uncensored Pictures

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Pledge 2 dollars to get access to:

  • Downloads of Quickie Comics

  • Uncensored Armageddon Pages

  • Uncensored Pictures

  • Access to the Alpha Builds of our game, directly in your Dropbox folder

  • Exclusive Previews of upcoming projects

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Loyalty Reward: One extra Tier 1 comic every 3 months
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Medium Comics

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Pledge 5  dollars to receive the following:

  • Access to downloads of Tier 2 comics (Giantess Spa, Michael and Lucithia)

  • All the previous Tier's benefits

  • Access to 360 VR Pictures

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 Loyalty Reward: One extra Tier 2 comic every 3 months 
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Long Comics and Shotcalling

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Pledge and donate 10 dollars per month to receive:

  • Access to downloads of Tier 3 comics (Astrid, BfG, Gynomorphs, etc)

  •  Access to special polls happening at each month to influence what title will be worked on next 

  • All of the previous Tiers benefits

  • 4 dollars Discount code on all GumRoad products

Loyalty Reward: One extra Tier 3 comic every 3 months 
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About Lucifer and Lilith Synd

Read before pledging!

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"Lucifer and Lilith work in a way that few others do. They release things when they are done, not before. The quality and care put into everything they create is evident, you only have to look at how many of their fans adore their works."
The Playful Otter, Tier 5 Patron

"You guys are so creative, and it's awesome that you guys have this following. You guys created content that isn't readily available to people with that sort of fetish, and when it is, it isn't the best quality. You guys have stepped up the game for people who created the content that's out there."
Caitlin Glenn, Tier 2 Patron

Hello everybody!

Who are we? We are husband and wife in real life, we met as a Giantess and Tiny, roleplaying in a 3D chat called IMVU and then decided to step our relationship to our current wonderful wedding after 4 long and beautiful years. As you may understand, the Giantess universe is our real passion, one that we live constantly through our stories and images.

We decided to create a Patreon in order to better support what we are creating. We constantly release new pictures but in order to reach a stable pace we need more funds, to purchase more content for our 3D rendering programs and bring you people with more and more amazing art everyday. All the money that we will get will always be spent over this wonderful passion that we all share, if you are here and reading these lines... And as well it would really help us to upgrade our hardwares even more, to deliver always constant and better renders to you people.

We do this completely out of our pure passion for the whole Giantess fetishism... If you're with us, please give a tiny bit of help... And you can be sure that you will not only have our complete gratitude... But even have rewards for it!

Giantess Universes

Our work is not the same as many other Artists that you can find everywhere online. We do not focus exclusively on erotic content: our personal approach on the Giantess fetish is with both physical and mental pleasure... When you finish reading one of our stories, you will not just have used it that one time to have a fun moment with yourself... You may want to go back to it, to just enjoy the story that you have been reading.

With us, you will find epic creatures like Angels, Demons, Gods and Goddesses, Dragons, Vampires... Tiny men fighting huge women or getting completely destroyed by them, all of it with a solid background storyline that will keep you enticed and entertained as much as the pictures will give you the excitement that you are looking for in a Giantess comic.

We cover everything though... And that is why you have completely story oriented comics, like Loki and Armageddon... A mix of both, like BfG and Astrid... And solely focused on the erotic aspect, with just a tiny bit of background story, like Giantess SPA, the Dual Femdom series of short stories and our Quickies.

Why Pledge?

The reason why you should pledge to us is simple: if you like Giantess content, extreme, full of fetishism, gentle, mild, whatever is in your mind... Then you should pledge, because that is exactly what we are wanting to deliver to you guys: the Giantess content that you have always dreamed about but that nobody out there is still doing. Or perhaps you'd rather have some Same-Sized? That's ok, we are doing even that. Whatever is in your mind, we ARE already doing it or we will in the future. That is why we need your help to keep expanding our libraries!

Are there any rewards?

Yes, absolutely yes. There will be rewards for all those that decide to pledge. There are different kind of rewards, of course, some depending on how much you are donating...

You can read more about it in the tiers on the right and in the milestones!

If you have any questions to us, please feel free to contact us in private and we will answer as soon as possible!

Lucifer and Lilith Synd
69% complete
When this goal will be reached, we will focus even more on creating more content for you guys. Longer animations, better comics, more extreme pictures. We will try our best to make this a proper thing and give you guys a whole lot more of animated content, Giantess SPA, Astrid and BfG releases and possibly even starting to learn how to make videos with sounds!
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