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Walk in the light with the angels, Henrietta’s children.

Whenever appropiate I will upload a detailed summary of what I accomplished during that time, along with sneak peeks into what’s coming next. If you can't afford anything higher, but still want to support me or know a little more of what's happening behind the scenes, this is the tier for you.
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Left Path Sorcerer

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Hidden in the shadows, seek out the archdemons, the fallen angels.

Left path sorcerers will be granted exclusive content that will give them a glimpse into the world of An Angel’s Song and its characters, along witth the ability to play new chapters before anyone else.
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  • Short Stories/Deleted Content
  • In-depth updates
  • Alpha Access

Darechna's Acolyte

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In the Abyss, serve Darechna, Goddess of Fate. Let her guide you to the most favorable outcome.

Acolytes get access to even more content! Read deleted scenes, out of date notes, and participate in character interviews. 
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  • Character interviews
  • In-depth updates
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  • Alpha Access
  • Short Stories/Deleted Content




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Hello! My name is Lucirene Fuentes. If you’re here you probably already know, but I’m the author of An Angel’s Song.

If you’re willing, please consider becoming a patron. You’ll get an exclusive look into future chapters of the game, future games and traditional novels in the works, along with short stories!

I also want to add that I’m new to patreon, so there may be changes to rewards and maybe some new tiers in the future.

Current projects
All of my current projects are set in the world of Volarie. An “alternate” universe to our own; with its own set of Gods and legends, cultures and prophecies. Hopefully, you’ll love it as much as I do.

An angel’s song: After a dangerous encounter at the Festival of Souls, our protagonist finds themselves unable to return to the safety of their home. Away from the shields and runes keeping them hidden, the mark on their hand pulses, it burns. The old masters are near and any wrong movement could mean capture. There’s no time for rest or doubt, it’s time to find a new home, or destroy the ones that have thrown you into this eternal game of cat and mouse.

Chapter 3 is in the works! 

An explanation on tier rewards:

Henrietta’s follower – Walk in the light with the angels, Henrietta’s children.

For 1$ you get access to in depth updates. These in depth updates will be monthly. 

Discord:  If you're a patron you get an exclusive role (tier 2 patrons get and exclusive channel where they can talk about patron-only content). 

Left path sorcerer – Hidden in the shadows, seek out the archdemons, the fallen angels.

: Every month, depending on length of the story in question, I will upload one or two short stories. Mind you, there will be spoilers and the stories will be a reflection of current plans, if I change my mind about something that short story may not be canon anymore (which doesn’t make it any less fun to read).

If I don't have an extra ready, a deleted scene will be posted in its stead.

Sometimes, these stories may be a series of drabbles that may or may not be canon.

Alpha Access: At the end of the month, I'll be uploading an early version of the next update for you to play through. This reward is valid starting december 2020.

Darechna’s acolyte – In the Abyss, serve Darechna, Goddess of Fate. Let her guide you to the most favorable outcome.

Polls: I don’t know yet what these polls will be about, but when they happen, you can participate! When the time for cover art comes around (and if I have enough money) you can vote on which version of the MC will appear. If I have more than one short story prepared, I may post a poll so you guys can decide what you want to see next.

Character interviews:
The Guardians of Fate (Olvido, Prisa and Espera) will ask the ROs and other characters whatever questions you have a la talk show. This is a monthly occurrence.

$0 of $100 per month
Once we reach this first goal, I'll start commissioning emojis for the Discord server, perhaps a logo too.

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