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is creating an open print studio to preserve the craft of letterpress

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You're just starting your printing career as a Printer's Devil, mixing ink and cleaning up. This tier will get your name on our physical patron wall in our studio, a free 'Official Gay Card' and our eternal thanks.


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Your printing career is taking off as an Apprentice. You'll receive an 'Official Gay Card',  an exclusive Patreon-only print and your name on our patron wall. You'll also receive a free print every year and 5% off our workshops.


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You've done your print training as a Journeyman. You'll get a free Official Gay Card and a selection of prints, a free print every month, your name on our patron wall and 10% off printing workshops for life. 




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About Luddite Press

Preserving the endangered craft of letterpress printing from extinction

Ever noticed how old books seem to have a really crisp type of printing, that leaps out of the page at you? That's because it's letterpress printing – the traditional way that practically everything text-based was printed for over five hundred years up until the 1970s. Moveable pieces of lead type are painstakingly arranged into words and sentences, put into presses and printed. 

It’s now an endangered craft and art form. 

Luddite Press is a stubborn attempt to preserve this incredible craft from extinction.

What Luddite Press is doing

We want to preserve this important part of printing history and show others why it's still relevant to the 21st century. From our Glasgow-based studio, we offer a range of affordable letterpress workshops in a friendly setting, letting people try out this incredible craft in a welcoming environment and we print a range of items to support local community groups, unions and grassroots campaigns against oppression. Our aim is to show the world that letterpress is still relevant to art and society today and to train a new generation of printers to learn the craft. 

To do that though, we need your help.

What You Get

By signing up for a monthly subscription, you'll be able to claim a range of rewards – from limited edition and one-off, Patreon-only prints through to discounted workshops and one-on-one tuition.

You'll also get to sleep easy knowing that you've done your part in ensuring that the craft of letterpress is safeguarded from extinction in Scotland, and that the skills are taught to a new generation of printers. 

$4.21 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 per month, I'll typeset an exclusive Patreon-only zine in metal type, print it and send it to all my patrons so far!
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