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        About LudwigLabs

        Old computers (especially those from the 60/70/80 decades) are fascinating. But it is not easy to get them and even software only emulation is difficult to set up.

        Therefore I decided to create hardware, software and documentation that helps to experiment with some old computers again.

        Current project:
        • Everything around the Motorola MC14500B 1-bit ICU (Industrial Control Unit). This is a very special chip from 1977 designed to get used in simple PLC systems. And YES! it does ONE BIT computing.

        Planned Tasks:
        • Collect and sort the available information.
        • Create an universal and flexible simulator according to the available manuals and datasheets.
        • Create simulations for various hardware experiments.
        • Create software examples that control those simulated hardware experiments.
        • Implement the simulator and the simulated hardware experiments in Proteus VSM.
        • Implement the simulator and the simulated hardware experiments using FPGAs.
        • Implement the simulator and the simulated hardware experiments using real hardware.
        • Looking further into the topic.

        Working on those tasks already came out as a time consuming task and leaves few room for the show and tell part. But I try to publish as much as possible anyway and getting some support from interested patrons would help me to dedicate more time to the project.

        Thanks for reading trough all the above text and still being interested. Please now take a look at the list at the right to check if you find a supporting option that will help me to create more RETRO COMPUTER STUFF.

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