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About LuigiBlood

I want to make note that this Patreon is only about me and my work and nothing else. I consider the pledges to be about helping me first and foremost, like a donation.
I do not need this money to continue living or work on my projects.

Some of my work can be seen here:
YouTube -
YouTube (Core Videos) - (English Subs to come soon)
SoundCloud -
GitHub -

Hello, I am LuigiBlood, and I am a software developer, a video maker, somewhat of a musician to some extent.

I have participated on the preservation of the Satellaview service, of which I have reverse enginnered (part of it at least) the server signal side as well as implementing it on emulators. And I have started the preservation of the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive's games by writing a dumper and pretty much having the right people at the right time.
I enjoyed doing this more than I expected, and it is a lot of my time that I've put into without any regrets.

I have been asked for a Patreon or some way to donate specifically to me. If you are looking to preserve video games, I personally think there are better ways to help such as donating to the Video Game History Foundation who have been doing a great job, or The Cutting Room Floor who are also made of great people who cares about video game preservation.

What I will be doing and talk about on this page is:
  • Game Preservation & Documentation.
  • Translations & Modding (within legal limits).
  • Hardware Documentation.
  • Video Making (about possibly everything I do here).
  • New games, maybe?
  • Maybe game streaming?
  • Maybe music?
As of now the systems I have been caring on preserving are:
  • Satellaview (Super Famicom addon)
  • 64DD (Nintendo 64 addon)

I also cannot make any promises on how it will be like, I tend to work at my own pace, and I am specifically avoiding some kind of pressure by simply telling you so right now.

The only kind of pressure that I will have is that I need to be quite transparent about what I am doing to the Patrons, but also everyone else, therefore there will be close to none Patreon only posts or even rewards. I will also tell you about what I will be doing with the money:

  • The money is considered as donation, that is that I can do whatever I want with it, but mostly it's just about staying alive by paying rent and food because France is already kind of bad enough at the moment... Mind that I tend to be careful with money in general, I genuinely don't spend much.
  • This will also allow me to buy hardware for preservation, documentation, possibly more. I will let you guys know about what is going on, and will add goals as I see fit.

If you want updates on what I'm doing, please check my Twitter because that's where I am the most active, and I would do the best I can to answer your questions, either on Twitter or here, which I'll check regularly.

If you do actually pledge, you have my sincere thanks, but I will always remind you how much you are more about helping me than the actual gaming preservation scene.
I'll never ask for your help, but it's always appreciated.
Do not hesitate to talk to me about the Patreon if there's any questions.

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