Luis Daniel Rovira Contreras

Luis Daniel Rovira Contreras

Creating Vuesax

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About Luis Daniel Rovira Contreras

Hey there, I'm Luis Daniel!

Please support useful software like Vuesax

Vuesax is a framework of components based on vue.js, it is a framework that is designed from scratch to be incrementally adoptable.
The framework is focused on facilitating the development of applications, improving the design of the same without removing the necessary functionality. we want all the components to be independent in colors, shapes and design for a freedom that we like all front-end but without losing the speed of creation and production.

I love to help and what better way to do it, than with libraries and 100% open source ( Github) frameworks, help me to continue helping the community and continue creating and improving many thanks


Why a Patreon?

I am working full time in open source, giving all my time to create and help the open source community

I’m not affiliated with any company, so I'm counting on your support to enable me to keep writing software like Vuesax and Vuenut.

I'm raising funds on Patreon so I can devote more time to open source. I'd love to be able to devote several full days per week to maintaining existing projects 😇 as well as creating innovative new ones

How will your donation help?

Every donation is greatly appreciated as it allows me to invest more time into open source projects and gets me closer to my ultimate goal of doing open source and helping others all day long.

Your donation also makes a clear statement: You value the work I do.

Many thanks in advance 

If committing to a monthly donation is really not your thing, but still want to support me - don't you fret. You can support me with a one time donation via my PayPal as well.

$96.47 of $200 per month
This will allow to give more time to the development and improvement of components and to create videos and tutorials to create applications and pages with vuesax
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