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You're a lovely human who's actively taking part in the growth and development of my writing. For that, I'll always be humbly grateful. 

As a Friend you'll have access to our private donor discord community, where I hang out sometimes when I write. You'll also get access to any donor exclusive posts and updates. 

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Brunch is always a good idea. It's two meals in one, and if that's all you eat for the day, you're basically intermittent fasting... Right? 

If you're in the position to feed me for a day every month, my stomach would love you for it. 

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Hello, friend! 

Thank you for landing on this page. It means the world that you would consider supporting my blog.

If you quickly peruse this page and decide that donating isn't for you, that's completely okay. Seriously, thank you for being here. The biggest thing I can ask is that you tell me if my work resonates with you, and that you definitely tell me when it doesn't. Your honest insight means more than any donation. If not today, I hope I can earn your support in the future. 

For those still with me, let me be candid...

I want to make a living doing what I love, and I need your help to get there.  

I refuse to run ads on my blog, but my blog costs me money to maintain. It's not an enormous amount of money, but it costs enough to constitute a considerable regular expense at this stage of my life. If my writing provides value to you, or to someone you care about, becoming a patron is the most direct way you can support what I do.

Writing daily makes me a better writer. If I'm a better writer every week, you get an ever improving stream of content delivered on a daily basis. If we keep this up, I'll be doing this for a living within five years and you will have played an instrumental role in that accomplishment.  

If my journey is worth something to you now, it will be worth mountains more this time next year. I promise.  

Lastly, please only donate if you have the means. If you're not sure whether you can afford patronage, I don't need your money, but I will always need your candour. I can put a price on my expenses, but I'll never be able to put a price on what you think. If you'd be generous enough to share your thoughts with me, you can be sure I'm listening. 

Much love, 
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I'll quit my job and start writing full time. This is the dream. Let's do it. 
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