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Leonardo da Vinci is well known for his art and in particular the Mona Lisa which now hangs in the Louvre. Less well known perhaps is one of his patrons, a certain Captain Tancredi. It was he who commissioned six more copies of the famous painting to be bricked up in a Parisian cellar for over 400 years ready to be sold by his future splinter in time, Count Scarlioni.

Now I don't claim Leonardo's genius and nor - I assume - are you a time splintered alien. However you could be one of my patrons as I seek to continue to produce regular YouTube content. Many of you I'm sure will be familiar with the now defunct TMDWP and others may have arrived here via the UFOcast. Whatever your route to considering my Patreon I am very grateful that you are here.

Creating my videos requires time, something I had a large supply of when I began on YouTube. These days I increasingly find that I have less and less available as I try to juggle the pressures of freelance work with family life. This ultimately means that I have to take time from one of these areas to keep making new video content. The only place it can realistically come from is my work time, but that means it needs to pay, and this is why I'm starting a Patreon.

From as little as $1 per month you can increase the time I have available to think, script and ultimately produce new video content for my YouTube channel.

By becoming a Patron you'll be able to guarantee weekly video content (dependent on hitting the monthly goals I've set) of the kind I've been producing sporadically for the last ten years.
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