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About Loop Hazard

my name is Luke Hazard, I record under various monikers for different musical endeavors as well as dabble in photography. I began recording, performing and publishing electronic music as "Plantre" while living in New York City back in 2004/2005, and quickly switched to "Ourson" after recording my first album "Warming Plant" as a christmas gift to my parents, and I've stuck with that name since. Around the same time, I started up Earstroke Records as a way to publish my friends music, and it has since grown to incorporate an eclectic community of electronic artists and experimental musicians from all over the world. At one point we were manufacturing hard copies and selling to international distributers on a small scale, but for the most part, Earstroke has been all about the free, digital releases.


Ourson was an answer to a question that had too many answers. While I was starting Earstroke and realizing myself as an artist who wanted to take part in all of the kinds of music I was resonating with at the time, I found myself overwhelmed by how many paths there were to take my sound. Ourson allowed me to focus on something simple, like a texture that I liked, or a melody that I wanted to listen to for five or ten minutes. I've published just about everything from this ambient project on the Ourson Bandcamp.

the Secret Garden Project:

the Secret Garden project is an audience-inclusive collection to be compiled as albums made from select Ourson tracks posted on Patreon throughout the year. fans who support this page will have access to totally exclusive content as well as a unique perspective on the artists creative process as this project comes together and is ultimately compiled and released for the general public (with Patreon exclusive bonuses, of course) it's my hope that this unique way to support my work will serve as an incentive for myself and my audience alike. at the moment, there are four tiers available, with various rewards. all tiers will grant access to the Secret Garden project with varying degrees of access (streaming, downloading tracks, albums).

Plantre: beats/braindance:

When I was first learning about publishing, I used the name "Plantre" to describe any number of rhythmic electronic creations I was making. my first release was an EP of keyboard tracks I made on a Korg Triton accompanied by some remixes by Milieu and Asymmetrical Head; it was posted on Experimedia.net for a while until I had it taken down and pretty much abandoned the Plantre name. For the next 13 years or so I was publishing ambient music under the Ourson moniker, but I kept working on more uninhibited "beat tracks" which were rarely or never published, until the " Crazyboutcha EP" was posted on Earstroke in 2017. I've also since posted Plantre's first full-length album, "Frozen Waterbugs" on Bandcamp.

Misc projects:

After NYC, I moved back home to West Virginia in 2006, released "Oth" in 2008 through local Magnanimous Records, and teamed up with Curt and Dani Seiss to form Second Land, a highly experimental improv-performance group. Later including Dylan Kinnet as the fourth member, we played shows around D.C. and Baltimore, and even put together a modest east coast tour. Around 2013 or so, I recorded a handful of tracks with guitarist Henry Jones and later named the project "Slow Motion Landscapes". Right after making those recordings, I moved up to Rochester, NY and have continued to publish music under several different projects, including one or two anonymous ones...

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