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Secret Gardener level I (access)
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  •  access to Patreon exclusive content including tracks/videos and other posts from my various projects such as Ourson and Earstroke Records, as well as some new collaborative projects coming soon (new beat project and ambient music videos in the works, too!)
Secret Gardener level II (downloads)
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  • high quality downloads of monthly "Secret Garden" tracks and videos. (a patreon-exclusive project for Ourson that will be added to continually over time as an 'audience-inclusive' album to be compiled at the end of the year.)
  • %40 off the Ourson digital catalog.
  • all previous tier(s) rewards
Secret Gardener level III (albums)
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  • high quality downloads of tracks and whole albums/videos (as they are published)
  • your choice of 1 album download per month from Ourson catalog 
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Secret Gardener level IV (fan club/Ourson mailer)
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  • those who opt for the Secret Gardener level IV tier will be considered honorary members of my fan club and will receive a specially made, new, exclusive album from me every 3 months which will be mailed to you directly! (requires shipping address)
  • includes download access to complete Ourson discography 
  • all previous tier(s) rewards