Luke Hazard is creating ambient music & video

Secret Gardener level I (access)

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  •  access to Patreon exclusive content including tracks/videos and other posts from my various projects such as Ourson and Earstroke Records, as well as some new collaborative projects comin...

Secret Gardener level II (downloads)

$5 /mo
  • high quality downloads of monthly "Secret Garden" tracks and videos. (a patreon-exclusive project for Ourson that will be added to continually over time as an 'audience-inclusive' album to...

Secret Gardener level III (albums)

$10 /mo
  • high quality downloads of tracks and whole albums/videos (as they are published)
  • your choice of 1 album download per month from Ourson catalog 
  • all previous tier(s) rewards

Secret Gardener level IV (fan club/Ourson mailer)

$25 /mo
  • those who opt for the Secret Gardener level IV tier will be considered honorary members of my fan club and will receive a specially made, new, exclusive album from me every 3 months which ...