Luke Herr is creating Podcasts

Basic Level

$1 /mo
 Bonus Episodes - Luke and Devin will record bonus content that every backer gets regularly. Also early episodes of EXILED that go up sometime early for them. And shoutouts!

Fancy Level

$2 /mo
You get everything from the $1 level plus show notes from MultiversalQ and character sheets from Exiled!

Physical Level!

$5 /mo
Physical Goods - you get everything as above - plus we’ll send you a signed show card as a reward and figure out something else worthwhile based on the total goal. 

The Most Best Level

$10 /mo
All above plus Luke writes comics so if you go to this level you’ll get a set of every digital comic he’s done over the past few years (one time thing). If you stay at this level for 6 months, Luke...