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About Luke R. Mitchell

If you're landing on this page, I'm gonna guess you're already familiar with my work...

(And if not, hello! I'm Luke. I make things up, write them down, and 
generally aim to keep you cackling and turning pages till the Force-wielding zombie robots come home.)

So why Patreon?

Because a wise man once told me it was folly not to diversify my portfolio. And yes, I MAY have been six years old; and yes, this MAY have technically taken place during arts and crafts class... but let me tell you, that wise man's point really took hold as I walked home from the chicken coups that day, carrying all of my eggs in one basket.

And I know what you're thinking.

"Dammit, Luke. You KNOW robots can't use the force. And ESPECIALLY not robot zombies."

But hey, what else would you expect from a kid who doesn't know to diversify his egg baskets?

Wait, no... that's...

Look, the point is this:

I sell most of my books and make most of my income on retailers like Amazon. BUT, like any six-year-old worth their salt, I'm looking to diversify.

I have a LOT of ideas for fresh content I'd love to put out—including short stories, novellas,
artwork, and even some hard merchandise (like bookmarks and t-shirts and such). Tragically, though, my rumbling stomach and empty fridge both demand I seek compensation for such content. And since I'd rather not receive tacos by mail...

That's where Patreon comes in.

So yeah, that MAY have been a pretty circuitous answer on my part...

But orange you glad I didn't say banana? :-D

(Oy vey.)

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