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This is it. Once upon a time, there were multiple tiers, with multiple layers of benefits. No longer. Here's the new deal:

$3/month x 1,000 True Fans = A Stable, Livable Income
(And all the creative stability that brings!)

That's the goal here.

What YOU get in return for your support, should you choose to be my Sugar Momma/Sugar Daddy/Sugar Person, mostly boils down to this:

  • I WRITE all of the stories
  • You GET all of the stories (anything and everything I publish myself, you'll get a digital download as thanks for your patronage, and you'll get it before anyone else does!)

Additionally, though, there will ALSO be intermittent bouts of...

  • Behind-the-scenes video updates from your favorite frazzled pen monkey
  • First (and sometimes exclusive/only) looks at series artwork, story previews, etc.
  • Custom physical goodies like bookmarks, postcards, etc.
  • Live streaming shenanigans with Luke (Qs and As possible, drinks likely)
  • Whatever else Luke dreams of tossing out here in his rare bursts of executive inspiration (frequent 1st/3rd-person POV switches guaranteed)

So if that all sounds good, click that there "Join" button up above, and let me tell you a story!




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About Luke Mitchell

If you're landing on this page, I'm gonna guess you're already familiar with my work...

(And if not, hello! I'm Luke. I make things up, write them down, and 
generally aim to keep you cackling and turning pages till the Force-wielding zombie robots come home.)

So why Patreon?

Because a wise man once told me it was folly not to diversify my portfolio. And yes, I MAY have been six years old; and yes, this MAY have technically taken place during arts and crafts class... but let me tell you, that wise man's point really took hold as I walked home from the chicken coups that day, carrying all of my eggs in one basket.

And I know what you're thinking.

"Dammit, Luke. You KNOW robots can't use the force. And ESPECIALLY not robot zombies."

But hey, what else would you expect from a kid who doesn't know to diversify his egg baskets?

Wait, no... that's...

Look, the point is this:

In the past, I've sold most of my books and made most of my income on retailers like Amazon. BUT times are getting tougher, and like any six-year-old worth their salt, I'm looking to diversify.

The new plan, instead of continuing to throw more thousands and thousands of dollars at Amazon advertising for diminishing returns in a market that is quickly being consumed by a quantity over quality mindset, is pretty simple:

1,000 True Fans.

I don't need anything more than that.

I don't need to sell millions of books like some indie authors are doing. 

I don't need to make six-figures a month (or even a year).

I just don't.

What I DO need, though, is enough income to scrape by (and to cover things like cover design, editing, and mailing list hosting). And the truth is that, as things stand, I can no longer reliably manage that income on places like Amazon alone.

That's where Patreon comes in.

The goal here is pretty simple:

$3/month x 1,000 True Fans = A Stable, Livable Income
(And all the creative stability that brings!)

In other words, with 1,000 True Fans kicking in $3 per month, I can cover my production costs and forge on with the peace of mind that, regardless of what might happen with the Wild Winds of Market Favor any particular month (*SPOILER ALERT* those winds are going to the sails of whoever has the biggest wallet), I have my people, and they have my back, and I can write safely knowing that everything is more or less going to be okay.

(Turns out prolonged financial stress is NOT a useful spark to my creative flame.)

So here's the new deal, nice and simple:

$3 a month now gets you access to everything I publish.

Short stories. Novellas. Standalones. Series novels.

If I publish it myself, you get a copy. (And you get it before anyone else does!)

Basically, you can think of this Patreon like a $3 subscription to my creative soul.

OR, if that sounds a bit too serious and creepy, you can just consider it one more vote for the LMDOTTFY Initiative.

(That's the "Luke-Mitchell-Deserves-1,000-True-Fans-Yo Initiative," for the record.) 

Whichever way you wanna call it, I hope it goes without saying (he said, even as he was saying it) that we'd be more than glad to have you on the team!

So if this all sounds good, go ahead—click that there "Join" button up yonder, and let me tell you a story!

Good times are ahead.
$185.78 of $500 per month

At this level, we'll take a vote and I'll write a Patreon-exclusive short story of your choosing!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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