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NOTE: Patreon won't let me make a $0 tier, so if you select this, I'll just refund you as soon as your payment goes through. If that's not going to cut it, get in touch and we can work something out!

This is a safety-net tier, to make sure that you all feel super welcome to stick around (or join in), no matter your situation in all this. We have to take care of each other! I'd love for this place to be one less thing for you to worry about.

While the money I make through this patreon is really helpful (and I'm so grateful for that financial support) the community & connection you give me is much more valuable. Thanks for being here!

Stay home & stay safe, xoxo -Luke
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A monthly post / email full of music, writing, art, and other joyful experiments. 

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In addition to THE BUNDLE, you are invited to an exclusive monthly livestream concert, every month. These concerts will be 15-30 minutes of works in progress, covers, songs I'm trying out, ambient experiments, and maybe some special guests. See you there ^_^

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What’s a monthly bundle of joy? Glad you asked.

It's always full of music I made in the previous month (Hi, by the way! I’m Luke ^_^). I’m really interested in the intersection of space, geology, and sound, so maybe that’s a dusty, slow-funk, clarinet-driven song about the Opportunity Rover (rip T_T), complete with a video of cut-up public domain footage. I’m also obsessed with soft music, so maybe it’s an entire album of jaw-loosening bass clarinet duets. Or maybe it’s a stripped-down guitar-and-vocals cover of an old Loudon Wainwright song with a fun family history, recorded and filmed live. It varies a lot from month to month, but it’s going to be something I’m wildly, contagiously excited about.

It's a super fun-to-read monthly newsletter. Look forward to rabbit holes and deep dives about folk songs, mars rovers, the physics of magnetic tape, Titan's theoretical ice volcanoes, my creative process, or whatever has been lighting up my brain this month.

You obviously can’t make a bundle of joy without some colors, lines, and shapes. I draw constantly. I'm currently re-learning making block prints, and sharing that process. And if you choose that $10 tier, I’ll even mail you a little drawing every month.

Finally, some miscellaneous & delightful sprinkles. A monthly youtube-playlist-mixtape! Various creative code projects (I make little video games and digital music tools)! Maybe an update on my baking adventures! A live-streamed concert for $5+ patrons!

I’ve been sending out these monthly bundles for about 3.5 years now, and it has completely re-wired my making-brain. It’s put the emphasis on the process, and by lifting the weight off the product, it’s also helped me finish a so many fun songs and video games and digital instruments and music videos and drawings and, you know, stuff. It’s given me structure, momentum, and a community of people who care about the sounds and shapes and words I collect.

So, thanks for being here. I’m a long, long way from being fully supported by my music, but I've improbably decided to get off the train at Hope Station. I’d love look back in slow motion through the still-open doors and see you following me.
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sixty! eek. still feels like too much to even hope for. I could buy a Bitranger, the wild genius modular toy from the Czech-worker-coop Bastl.

And I will.

And I'll make an album with it.
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