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A monthly post / email full of music, writing, art, and other joyful experiments. 

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In addition to THE BUNDLE, you are invited to an exclusive monthly livestream concert, every month. These concerts will be 15-30 minutes of works in progress, covers, songs I'm trying out, ambient experiments, and maybe some special guests. See you there ^_^

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A little envelope, with a drawing in it, and maybe some other things, like maybe instructions to a secret spot, or a poem I think you should read, every month.

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About Luke Williams

What’s a monthly bundle of joy? I’m so glad you asked!!

First of all, a bundle of joy is always full of music I made in the previous month (Hi, by the way! I’m Luke ^_^). I’m really interested in the intersection of space, geology, and sound, so maybe that’s a dusty, slow-funk, clarinet-driven song about the Opportunity Rover (rip T_T), complete with a video of cut-up public domain footage. I’m also obsessed with soft, gentle music, so maybe it’s an entire album of tape-recorded piano improvisations, slowed down to half speed and processed for maximum ~ m o o d ~. Or maybe it’s a stripped-down guitar-and-vocals cover of an old Irish/Scottish folk song with a bizarre history, recorded and filmed live. It varies a lot from month to month, but it’s going to be something I’m wildly, contagiously excited about.

Second, a bundle of joy is a super fun-to-read monthly newsletter. If I’m fascinated by the weird history of that folk song, I’m going to tell you about it. If I’m intoxicated by the sound/physics of a piano wobbling on a piece of magnetic tape, I’ll explain that too. I rarely pass up the opportunity write about a Mars rover (see what I did there). I love to write about process and creativity, Titan’s theoretical ice volcanoes, or whatever has been lighting up my brain.

Third, you obviously can’t make a bundle of joy without some colors, lines, and shapes. I love to draw and paint! I do it every day! I made all the images for the tiers on this very patreon, for example. And if you choose that $10 tier, I’ll even mail you something small that I drew that month.

Finally, some miscellaneous joy sprinkles. A monthly youtube-playlist-mixtape! Various creative code projects (I make little video games and digital music tools)! Maybe an update on my baking adventures! A live-streamed concert for $5+ patrons!

I’ve been sending out these monthly bundles for about three years now, and it has completely re-wired my making-brain. It’s put the emphasis on the process, and by lifting the weight off the product, it’s also helped me finish a shocking amount of songs and albums (and video games and digital instruments and music videos, etc). It’s given me structure, momentum, and a community of people who care about the sounds & shapes & words I collect.

So, thanks for being here. I’m a long, long way from being fully supported by my music, but I'm improbably filled with hope. I’d love to have you here in hope-town with me!
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three hundred dollars? eek. still feels like too much to even hope for. I could buy a Bitranger, the wild genius modular toy from the Czech-worker-coop Bastl.

And I will.

And I'll make an album with it.
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