Luisa Rafidi is creating character art


$1 /creation
Thank you! Every dollar counts! You have my undying gratitude, as well as:

  • Sneak peeks of works in progress
  • Early access to final pieces
  • Vote in monthly character sketch polls 


$5 /creation
All rewards from Bud tier, plus:

  • Process shots
  • Video process (when applicable)
  • High-res file of finished pieces


$10 /creation
All rewards from Bud and Bloomer tiers, plus:

  • Layered PSDs
  • High-res file of sketches
  • Access to discord channel to chat with me and others


$15 /creation
All rewards from Bud, Bloomer and Blossom tiers, plus:

  • Linearts for you to color
  • Ability to suggest characters for the monthly sketch poll
  • Personal critiques on your artworks through discord