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About LunaWolve

LunaWolve here.
I’ve been a streamer on since October 17th 2016.

It’s been quite the journey so far. The channel has seen highs and lows. Many of them.

With technical difficulties, IRL responsibilities and other issues that have plagued the channel, it has often times thrown me back down to the ground whenever I had managed to build myself a more sizeable community.

However, not this time around.
These past months have been a great time and I've met so many people that I am truly grateful to know. The level of support you have shown me has been truly astounding and I would never ask for any more than you have already given me.
Yet, somehow, you have all asked me to create this patreon, so you can support me further and potentially make this content creation thing a full-time gig for me.

I won't lie, this has always been a dream for me. Every since the days, I've wanted to stream myself, build my own little corner of the internet and have a community of like-minded individuals to discuss ideas, games and all manner of random stuff with. Unfortunately for me, my internet has never been good enough for the purpose of streaming and as such I had never been able to, until late-2016.

Ever since then I've worked tirelessly, creating content pretty much every single day on my Twitch, as well as creating high-quality content for my Youtube channel (however, WAY more irregular) to give this dream a real shot.

Just as I had lost hope and started giving up on it, you all came along and told me you wanted to support me.
So here it is, here's the Patreon.

No one will ever be required to commit to this Patreon, nor will this Patreon decide my future as a content creator. I will always do my own thing and make sure I adhere to my own conscience, even if you don't like it.

With or without this Patreon, I will continue to provide as much content for you as I possibly can, as it's the most fun hobby I have ever had. This Patreon will make sure that I have as much time as possible to create said content.

Thank you all for your amazing support these years, I couldn't have asked for a better community...

Over the last (nearly) 3 years, I have created my main content over on Providing at least one hour of entertainment a day, for anyone that requires it.

I have chosen to focus down on Path of Exile as my main game, however I will continue to keep my variety tag, as I will always strive to provide content that my entire community is interested in.
I provide Path of Exile related content on my Twitch channel for 2 out of every 3 months and focus on other games that I am personally interested or my community requests from me in the last month.

This is more of an outline and not a rigorous schedule, as there can (and will be) adjustments depending on titles that release that I'm interested in, the community wants to see or that I want to show the community.

I strive to maintain my at least 1-hour a day, every day schedule for as long as possible. Only taking days off if there is no other way around it.

Additionally, I have started providing content on my Youtube channel as well, currently with a 1-video per week schedule, however with additional funding it will be possible to create more high quality guides, tutorials and other content as well.

You asked for it.
Really, I didn't want to set this up originally, but I can see that some people do not want to support me in a way where half of their money goes to some unknown entity instead.
And I understand.

Additionally, Patreon allows for security and stability, which enables me to potentially hire people on to help work on the twitch and youtube channels.
The major improvements that will follow later this year, with the new GPU, are all thanks to you. With a more stable income from Patreon it will be possible to do improvements towards the hardware setup more often and thus increase the quality of both the stream and the youtube videos more frequently as well.

Patreon is also an awesome place for me to engage with you early by field testing new concepts & getting your take on things.
73% complete
If we manage to reach $50 per month, I'll be doing a $25 giveaway every month, as well as saving the remaining $25 for additional upgrades towards my streaming/recording/rendering hardware.

This will improve the quality of the stream and the videos over time.
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