is creating 3D adult ( furry ! ) animations and interactive fiction games

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    Hi, welcome ! First , you must be an adult to stay here, if this is correct, you can continue:

    Speaking about myself, I love create anything out from usual, in a hobbyist manner. My favorite themes are furries and another "relaxed" kinks.

    For that, I create my own models, using exclusively blender. I love join that little quads!
    I started in 2008, but I had some inactivity years (let's call it my dark ages). Lucky of me, I think I almost dominate it (My rigs are created from 0). Actually I will not release the models, sorry!

    My interests are animations (the harder, the better), I also use them for a pre-render game in a Visual Novel fashion (I expect release it this year, and will be free , patreon or not ! The "engine" is already finished by some months ago.). For this games I was using Unity, but I will use a much more simple tool: Rpg Maker MV.

    You can expect changes in this description later ;)

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