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The Benevolence
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Access to my Patreon page only, where I'll post unique content that doesn't make it to the blog.  I'm thinking at minimum a couple of microfictions a month, and sometimes longer pieces.   Maybe the occasional deleted scene or alternate take on something.  

Every Patreon at any level will also be thanked by name in the foreword or afterword of any forthcoming books.  

Grond's Chess Buddies
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Immediate access to CLICK, an *entire novel* that you can only get by supporting me on Patreon or buying it directly from me at a convention.  Awesome! 
The Glorious Opposition
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You receive early digital access to everything I write that isn't specifically planned for the Patreon page.  Get new books a week before anyone else!  

Also, what the hell, a couple of free bookmarks when you sign up.  Everybody loves bookmarks, right? 




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About Luther M. Siler

I'm Luther Siler, and I write genre fiction.  Monsters and space ogres and angry ghosts and trips to Mars and laser guns and blind, insane gods.  Y'know, normal stuff.

I also wrote a memoir about teaching once, but that one's unlikely to get a sequel.  

This is my Patreon.  I'm going to be using this space to debut short fictions, to tease upcoming projects, to occasionally ask for advice or suggestions, and whatever else comes to mind.  

I literally can't believe you're here, and thank you so much for visiting.  
$40 of $50 per month
Up to and at this point, I'll be funneling everything my patrons bring in back into promoting my books.  I've never really been able to experiment with advertising and marketing beyond what my blog and Twitter can manage, because I've always had more important things to do with my money-- like bills.  This will actually give me an advertising budget and allow me to make mistakes once in a while without feeling like I've wasted my money.
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