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About Lutris

Lutris is an open source gaming platform for Linux. Our goal is to make Linux a solid gaming platform by providing support for as many games as possible while keeping configuration to a minimum.
The gaming platform is made of 4 main components:
  •  A desktop app, used to install and launch games
  • A website for indexing games and providing installation scripts
  • Builds for emulators, game engines and any other program necessary to run games
  • The runtime, partly based on the Steam runtime and Ubuntu 14.04,
providing a common ground to run games without having to install system libraries.
When combined together, the platform can install games very easily, reduce the efforts necessary to run them and provide the optimal experience for gaming.
We leverage the power of many game runners such as Wine, libretro or MAME to provide support for a wide variety of gaming systems.
The project has been around for a few years and keeps getting better with each release but we're far from having all the features that were initially envisioned. Among those features, we want to bring better integration with major gaming online stores like GOG, Humble Bundle or (there is already pretty good Steam integration).

We also want to bring configure-once-run-everywhere controller configuration, a feature which is much needed and is currently exclusive to Steam.

Then there are planned features for managing and archiving game saves and installation files. Those features are available for proprietary gaming platforms but there is no such thing for DRM free games.

Lastly, we want to bring some social features to the platform. Not just another chat system because there are already enough of those. One of the main aspect we want to take care of is that there are just too many multiplayer with a very small player base. This results in lobbies that are empty most of the time and those wanting to play the game online to leve the said lobby. With Lutris, you could subscribe to your favorite games and once enough player with the same interest are connected at the same time, it could set up a multiplayer game automatically. You won't have to wait in an empty lobby, Lutris would do it for you, outside the game.

All these features will take time and from there there are two options. Either we continue developing Lutris in our free time, which could result in shipping those features in several years, like it has been done in the past.

Or we can try funding the project, making it a top priority and allowing to ship those features much faster. This is the option we want to try now, because honestly those new features sound awesome and we want to have them available as soon as possible :)

This is where you come in action, you don't have to give a lot, just show that you care for the project and for Linux gaming in general. The Linux crowd may not be a huge market but we believe that providing a good gaming platform that makes playing a massive amount of different games very easy, we can grow this number by a few people ;)
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