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I have always had a serious interest in science in regards to the body, mind, and heart. I realized early on that emotions and thoughts were extremely important to the overall health of the body, and key to living a happy, loving life. I have dove into topics such as Astrology, Pyschology, Philosophy, Biology, and Self Care with a true mission to understand these links in regards to personal health and loving relationships. 

In time I have spent many hours of many years reading spiritual lessons, teachings, and inspirational writing through out history. I find the lore, myth, magical, and biblical stories of the ages inspirational and timeless. 

In the more recent years of my adult life I have gotten married to the man of my dreams (literally...) and after 9 amazing years together decided to bring the biggest blessing of all, our daughter CJ was born in early 2018. Since then my life has taken an up-hill march of self discovery, growth, and purpose. 

On a mission to share the links between the science, the spirit. The emotions and thoughts. The creative power of expression and the destructive power of changing negative patterns. I'd dare to call myself a Lightworker, but I wouldn't falter to call myself a Shadow Worker, either. 

Daring to understand the emotional body, the mental body, and in balance with the inner voices of your soul's desires. These are the true lines of interests to all of my research, study, practice, and devotion are. In this effort to know and understand it has led me to Energy. Much like any other brilliant minds of old age or new, this is what it comes down to. Linking these together is my vision, and I believe it's going to be with Energy and Spirit, Source, or God. (Free of judgment, I believe in the ultimate, the all there is.) 

If you have enjoyed the content from my sources, and internet profiles, then I hope you are here to support my journey by becoming a Patreon.

There are a number of incentives that I have included in the membership tiers.

The most valuable tier is the ENERGY HEALING DATABASE of:
Astrology, Emotions, Energy Systems, Body Functions, Nature, Natural Medicine, Essential Oils, Crystals/Rocks, Numerology, Tarot, Mantras. 

For my own research, blogging, and healing, I have been building this database on Airtable and have decided to share it with my Patreons. I will be continuing to add and build to it. This is a monthly tier. The first of each month, a new link will be made available to Patreons. Considering the time and informational extent of this database, I hope you might benefit from this overhaul of information. 

Even just $3 a month helps me to reach my goals and secures my ability to continue my content writing and videos. Thank you for supporting me. 

If you have any reason to reach out or have questions: Please contact me directly at [email protected] I appreciate any kind words, inspiration, personal discoveries, or ideas to improve my content (!) please reach out. I would love to connect with my Patreon Supporters on a personal level!

Talk to you soon, @luvlifewlee



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Inspired Soul
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You honestly want to support my blogging career. Maybe you are a personal friend or family member, or Lightworker.

Thank you for your investment towards my future in this advance. I love you!

Includes access to my private and exclusive Patreon updates here! And one Free Reading (Lovinglifewithlee.com/readings) every 30 days. See page there for details. 

All Patreons are invited to my Private Life Love & Light Discord Chat Server for a Lifetime

Includes Discord rewards
Spiritually Guided Database
per month

This is the sister resource to the Self Healing Database, which is about the physical body, energy, and emotions within us. 

The Spiritual Database includes more detailed Astrology, Alchemy, Spirit Guides, Animals, Planets, Stars and Angles. There is a world of universal love, healing, and guidance available. This database aims to help you find spiritual direction. Help for the right reasons, at the right frequencies, in the right spirit missions in our lives. 

Aimed to help awaken your divine blueprint and favored actions for vitality, abundance, and spiritual fulfillment. A mother-load of spiritual, mystic, astrological, sacred, abstract, wisdom from around the world and across history, I hope this collection of resources all linked together can help you as much as it has me. 

I constantly add to this database during my studies. I hope this helps all humans, lightworkers, starseeds, or anyone else on their spiritual or religious journeys of All that Is - God Source Divine. 

Includes an invitation to my Life Love & Light Discord Chat Server for a lifetime :) 

Includes Discord rewards
Self Healing Database
per month

This tier grants you access to my complete Self Healing Database of Emotions & Energy I have created on Airtable for us. 

This contains more than 200 emotions, 100s of oils, crystals, and natural elements. As well as Psychology Archetypes, Basic Astrology, Energy Systems, Manifestations, and Symptoms. 

(Check the posts feed here for the demo video and updates) This database has helped me personally merge together my interests in a way that combines all the information my Recommended Books contain into One Useful Emotional Energy Health Database. Merging science and spirit, the body, mind, and soul for Self Healing. 

I am constantly adding new info, resources, urls, all the time. This goes hand in hand with my blog, and the resources/books I recommend there. There are direct links to essential oils and crystal healing products throughout.

To secure Patreon Access, a new link will be provided once a month via email. 

You are also invited to my Life Love & Light Discord Server for a lifetime :) 

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Soul Family
Limited (50 of 50 remaining)
per month

A personal connection built between us can help in so many ways. Those of this tier will receive access to 2 databases, 1 reading a month, my personal resource libraries and lists, and weekly email contact. As well as Patreon Access, and Discord Chatroom of course. We can work together to heal, grow, and develop our life's purpose. If you feel immediately inclined to this offer, know that I am open and honestly here to help you, and you me... 

Includes Discord rewards
$0 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 (or about 70 Patreon) I'll invest in new a New High Res Webcam & Audio Microphone to increase video quality for recording and live streaming for our podcast, Youtube Channel, and live streaming!

I have so many plans to create tons of media and live stream events for the Blog Buddy Program. But I lack the equipment and tools to make this a reality.
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