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About Luxuris

I`m Luxuris, a Freelance Illustrator who likes drawing muscle guys .

Here, I draw original and fan art characters, and sometimes I accept request or commissions especially muscle guys.

I will reward you every month for your support.

Every months I will make
posts on my Patreon wall with rewards corresponding to your support tier. It's will be the 5th of every month. You can also see previous sketches, drawings progress and other doodles I do during the month

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For more info about them and what you would get, you can check that directly  in the Tiers section.

To get the previous rewards, you must visit my account on Gumroad. You can find them there.

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As some people know, in recent years I was working on my personal art.
Patreon gave me the chance to do what I like to do, and this way you can see all the stuff I’m doing here. All those sexy hunks I’ve been drawing were made real thanks to your support.

Please gime the opportunity to continue creating artwork like those you can see here.

Please give me the opportunity to continue creating artworks like those you can see here.  

I continue with the idea of doing the new sketchbook.

My last sketchbook was a success!
I sent it to many parts of the world, and  that was amazing!!
I'm really really grateful!

The idea of doing the new one is to include unpublished material and some things I have been doing during this last period of time.

Of course. I will send 20 copies to some of my patterns chosen at random.

Would you like to support me to bring it to reality?

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