James Hite is creating Minecraft Mods

$1 /mo
The smallest gift is not always the worst gift.  It shows that even though you are in a tight financial situation (or maybe you're just cheap, but we'll call it by the first thing) you are kind eno...

$5 /mo
You can spend $5 a month on a cheap, shoddy game at some places on the internet.  Not many, but some.  If my mod(s) is/are more enjoyable than some of the junk available out there on the 'net, choo...

$10 /mo
As a thank you for pledging a (to me) significant amount, I will prioritize communication from you, and will help you resolve any mod crashes that occur when they're used alongside my mod(s).  Cras...

$25 /mo
My mod, Advanced Thaumaturgy, has more lore in the Thaumonomicon entries than most mods care to put in.  Pledging this much guarantees you a permanent plug in any of my research entries that do not...

$50 /mo
Be one of those crazy people who flaunts their cash!  Plus, I bet a friend that nobody would ever pledge this much.

$100 /mo
My girlfriend says nobody will touch this, but if they do, I have to spend it all on her on an extremely fancy dinner.