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Exclusive Content

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Yay! You will have access to content only available on this Patreon page and will be able to share content on the community page. All patrons also get a shout out on social media when they pledge!

Bonus Content

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Bonus! You will also have access to extra materials that give you a sneak peek into my process, like early drafts, spur-of-the-moment doodles, and behind-the-scenes videos. All patrons will be able...

Personalized Content

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Bingo! I will create a visual profile of you and your work that will be shared with all other patrons. You will also be able to share content on the community page and have access to all other cont...

Collaborative Content

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Awesome! You will be a close collaborator, with the option of "pitching" me ideas for articles to write, data to visualize, or conversations to capture. You will also get a visual profile of you an...

Visual Coaching

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Woo-hoo! Every month I will create a personalized, illustrated sketchnote that will help you better understand your vision, challenges, and/or process. You will also be able to "pitch" me ideas, ha...


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Buddy! I will meet with you twice a month to personally tutor you in data design, graphic recording, communication strategy, creative entrepreneurship, you name it - AND I will sketchnote any discu...