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About Lye-chii

Hi! Lye-chii here! I love to draw cute stuff and I'm currently doing a webcomic called Ipi-chan! It updates on weekends and is free to read! If you'd like to gain access to bonuses (doodles and wips) feel free to tip!

I love drawing and making comics so by becoming my patreon, you can get special access to features like early comic updates and other rewards! (which I'm still working on) You'll also get to see some bonus comics and even have a sneak on upcoming projects and comics!

What's Ipi-chan?

It's an ongoing slice of life webcomic where it focuses cute cockroach named Ipi-chan, living with its senpai named Viola. It meets different characters who shows different perspectives of life (kinda?)

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For now there'll be the Candy Tier, you can read the comic ahead, view doodles and gifs! You can ask me questions and I'll do my best to answer them~

I really love making art and comics because it makes me happy, and I wanna spread good vibes and share the story of this cockroach to the world.

My comic will always be free to read, if you like my art but don't have the budget you can support me by sharing it!

Thank you! 
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