Lykeia is creating Devotional art and written material


$1 /mo
For those who donate a dollar a month you will have my sincerest thanks and knowledge that you are aiding in furthering work for the facilitation of the worship of Apollon and various gods among mo...


$5 /mo
For those who pledge 5.00 a  month you will receive the above plus access to all devotional writings in my patreon activity, this will include everything from suggested ritual formats, prayers, and...


$20 /mo
For those who pledge 20.00 a month you will get the above plus access to art. This can include anything from a 5x7 print to a small polymer pedant. Items change monthly with stock.


$30 /mo
For those who donate 30.00 a month you will get the above plus receive a monthly worship item such as  for example: sample oils, incense, tea baths, votive candle etc. changes monthly.


$50 /mo
This tier entitles you to all of the above plus enter into a raffle for an original piece of art. This can be a statue, a small painting etc.