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We value our community so much and we will continue building and improving our platform. 
Our vision is to provide an excellent experience to our community and providing tools and features that will help us all grow together.

We need your support!

As our way of giving back, we will be developing these features to be exclusive only to our Patreon supporters.
- Add custom Logo
- Add personal Favicon
- Enable custom logo link
- Add custom page meta tags (title, description)
- 4 new box sizes (1x2, 2x2,3x2 and 4x2)
- Stage - create a custom landing page for your projects (beta)
- more to come ...

Please send us your Lynkfire account link for us to activate your account into PRO account

Thank you so much, everyone!
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About Lynkfire

Lynkfire aims to be your most deserved link-in-bio page builder. We believe that creators of any kind deserve more than just a single boring horizontal link.
Your link-in-bio landing page is as much as important as your website that is why we are giving users more freedom in branding so that fans/supporters will have a seamless experience accross.

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