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All my paintings and drawings evolve from a sketch (sometimes in my sketchbook, sometimes in my imagination)

If you join my Sketching tier, you'll receive:
  • A complimentary Art Card from each new painting or drawing collection/series I create (2-3/year)
  • A weekly Patron-only Lens look at my art journal
  • Early access to my twice monthly art oracle card readings (for the new and full moon)
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Ahhh brushstrokes. Just typing the word fills me with the need to pick up a paintbrush.

If you join my Brushstrokes tier, you'll receive the Sketching tier benefits plus:

  • Digital desktop wallpapers of new collections or drawings, including a monthly calendar download to brighten your screens :)
  • A wall calendar in the post to start each year featuring my paintings
  • Early access to my posts (and sometimes extra content for your eyes only!)
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Dreams - everything evolves from being able to dream it first.

If you join my Dreamers tier, you'll receive all of the benefits from the Sketching and Brushstrokes tiers, plus:

  • A complimentary original painting or drawing of your choice on your membership anniversary each and every year
  • A personalised new moon and full moon art oracle card reading (if you'd like one) each month
  • A permanent 20% discount from any artwork bought via my website (
  • Off the cuff artwork-inspired gifts sent to you at random




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I paint and draw in oodles of ways but I mainly create cloudscapes and landscapes inspired by the stunning scenery where I'm lucky to live on the Isle of Skye, UK. It's my aim to capture what you see and what you feel when you look up at a mesmerising sky, or out at a beautiful landscape. 

There's lots of other ways I flex my creative muscles: figurative art, abstracts, mixed media and small detailed ink works. I find I create intuitively, often tuning into the energy from whatever or whoever I'm painting.

I love being an artist and would be delighted if you'd help me to achieve my dreams . If you choose to pledge, I would be utterly thrilled - whatever level you decide upon will invoke the happiest of dances from me :).

(PS: If you'd like to simply see what I produce here for a while, you can register with Patreon and follow me for free. I post lots of free content as well as Patron-only posts. I appreciate your support in whichever way you'd like to show it)
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I'll be able to buy an easel that isn't broken, wobbly or lopsided - and the bigger canvases I yearn to paint on.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts

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