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Up to three of your own ebooks bots. If you'd like an ebooks bot for free, you'll need to either host it yourself or get ask else to host it for you. I'll keep all the bots updated to the latest version, and unlike the discontinued free service that i used to provide, I'll let you set things like posting frequency, accounts to learn from, whether or not to use CW'd and followers only posts, etc.

After selecting this tier, just send me a Patreon message with a name for your bot(s), a list of accounts to follow (this can be just one account), any other information, like posting frequency or content warnings, and I'll set it up for you.

Your very own bot!!
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I'll make you your own bot. As in, you tell me what you want it to do (apply an image effect to profile pictures, set a weekly reminder, play tic tac toe), and I'll do it, as long as it's not too complex, a security risk, malicious, or so complex that it'd take me over a week to do.

The bot will be released as open source. This means that other people will be able to use it, too, but I'll only provide hosting for you -- if other people want to use the bot I make for you, they'll have to host it themselves. As with the ebooks tier, I'll keep it up to date, and I'll give you full control over the account.

I'm doing this with a queue. When the tier has no more slots free, that means the queue is full, and that I've already got about five requests to work on -- so it'll take me a while. But as soon as another slot opens, you can pledge to be added to the queue.

Note: Please message me before selecting this option. You can reach me on discord: @lynnesbian#0180 or the fediverse: @[email protected]




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About me

I'm Lynne, and I'm creating free software. Right now, most of my projects revolve around the Fediverse. My more popular ones include:
  • My main project, FediBooks. FediBooks is an intuitive and easy to use web UI for creating your own "ebooks" bots - bots that create "simulated" posts based on your own.
  • mstdn-ebooks, a command line Mastodon (and Pleroma) bot. I recommend using FediBooks instead of mstdn-ebooks in almost all cases, but if you want to host your own bot, this is the way to go.
  • OCRbot, which uses Optical Character Recognition to scan images and provide transcriptions. This is useful for people who are unable to provide image captions, or people who need someone else's post to be captioned.
I also write the Bune City Blog, where I run a segment explaining software workings and behaviour called "Lynne Teaches Tech" as well as other posts.

Why donate?

I believe that software should be free for everyone to use. And not just free as in "free to download" or "free to try", but well and truly free, both in terms of payment and philosophically. I believe in the four essential freedoms, and as such, all of my software is free to modify, build on, distribute, execute, and, of course, use. I dislike monetisation via advertising, and I don't want to charge users for any of my programs' features -- I want them to be available to anyone.

This means that my only source of income from developing this software is through donations. Donations are entirely optional, and you won't be able to buy "premium" versions of my programs. Any software I make for patrons will be freely available to the public. My blog posts will also be publicly available, although I will be posting some of them (such as the Lynne Teaches Tech posts) early on my Patreon.


I post about my development process here, and most of my development is visible on my GitHub page. You can read my blog here.

Thanks for reading!
$50 – reached! per month
This will allow me to upgrade my server. This will mean 40GB more storage, twice the RAM and CPU cores, and an extra terabyte of bandwidth. All bots hosted on the server will get a small speed boost, and I'll be able to create more complex bots in future.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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