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Hey! You are my first ever Patreon's. Welcome you early birdy. Since I'm fresh on here, I don't have a ton ready yet, which is why I'm keeping everyone on this tier. But there's a few things I can do...
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Secret sketches I don't show publicly
  • Steggy related episode extras 
  • and prolly more I'm not thinking of!  
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Pick this exclusive, 10 Patreon only tier if you need a bit of personalized Steggy Support. March's exclusive theme features a care package sent to you! 
  • Support Steggy Kit [mailed to you] Kit includes, but not limited to, personalized msg & drawing, inspirational words, pack of Steggy stickers, and small bottle of handmade hand sanny (for those damn germs out there)
  • Patreon Only Access posts (which can include Steggy webcomic teases!)
  • All lower teirs  




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Let's see...what should I say bout my Patreon page...welp, it's my page! And it's got some tiers with some stuff to give you if you give to me! 

But honestly...

When I started conventions over 5 years ago I was a lot more energetic holding down job after job. Months turned into years, and after so much time passed, I gave up my jobs - but it wasn't to just pursue art or painting all day every day. It was my health. I would often say 'a battery that wouldn't hold its charge' relating to fatigue and unrelenting pain with no plausible cause.  So while I'm blessed to pursue conventions and only exert myself a few days of the month, I've also become lost. Lazy. Unmotivated. I want to regain myself, and a lot of that rests with Steggy. The webcomic I started in Oct 2019 holds me accountable for all the people reading are depending on me to make a comic that I promised. To make others happy! 

I'm building steps to get to the next level, and this is just another way to support me, to know more about me, and come on this journey with me. And for those who do, welcome along the ride. 

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