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You've chosen to come here and support me and that's huge. Thank you SO much. 

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- You'll have access to my patron-only content, and will get to hear and see everything that I make as I make it, seeing behind-the-scenes not just the polished end-product! 

- Patron-only Live Broadcasts: I will broadcast once a month AT LEAST in this patron-only community! Feel free to bring your requests and hear some of my originals.

- I'd love you to comment on any of  the music and creations to see and hear - let's make this a two-way process.

- You'll have exclusive access to listening parties before anyone else!

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You flavour my world! Thank you so, so much for jumping in on this tier. Here, you'll get access to everything above, plus you'll receive:

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About Lynz Crichton

Hello + high five! 👋🏻

My name is Lynz and I am a creator of many songs and many videos. I have created this Patreon as a way to inspire and deepen the direct connection between me + you, as I believe our music is a collective experience. I want my Patrons to be my inner-core 'street-team', my eyes and ears, watching me create music from a blank piece of paper, pitching in if you feel inspired - this is where we collectively create our very own Crichton Clan Record Label, and YOU are the Execs!

Listeners of mine say my music sounds of a similar vibe to artists like KT Tunstall, Grace Potter, Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Alison Krauss, Aimee Mann, but mixed with the voice of Sade or Jaqui Abbot! 

I started out musically a little later in life than most, but by winning a national songwriting competition back in 2017, I realised that I actually had quite a knack for writing songs and making music which connected and resonated with people. This gave me the confidence to write more, and start to build a lovely loyal following, and over the last two years I have performed at festivals, released two (aaaalmost 3!!) EPs, music videos and am about to take my own music out on a wee tour! 

I want to involve YOU in the process of creating new music by getting your feedback on songs as I’m writing them. I will be sharing regular video logs from my home studio – you’ll hear songs evolve from a few lyrics (or sometimes even just humming!) into full-blown album-ready tracks. You’ll have your say on album artwork and t-shirt designs, cheer me up when it all gets too much...and it does sometimes.... and bring me back to earth again if this thing catches fire 🔥!

When I’ve enough material for an EP (or album!!!), I’ll put that together and you’ll have the first opportunity to get your hands on it, with your name on the artwork! You’ll also be able to get on the credits at the end of my videos thanking you for making them happen.

In return, Patreon will allow you to pay me a small fixed monthly tip. You can sign up for as little as $1, or upgrade if you prefer some of the crazier rewards like Google hangouts or personalised bespoke custom songs. And don’t worry if you don’t live in America – it’ll let you show your support in your own currency.

So if you like the sound of getting my music on a regular basis, and helping me create it, along with all the other perks, click the big red button! See you inside…

p.s. if you haven't heard my music before you can always start here: 
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Whoaaa!! We're reaching levels where we can start to work with and collaborate with other creatives to further our musical goals, and actually pay them to shine and showcase their own creative endeavours too!! This level os support will also mean we can take our music out on the road and employ other musicians to create a bigger band sound!
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