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May I interest you in a plate of story?

I've got just the table for you, here by the window. See that glint out there? Our favorite juggler. Charming fellow. Fast. Has to be, to snap those blades end over end. Bit a lion once, he says, and here to tell the tale.

Oh, no--no menus here. The chef makes what inspires her. Fresh baked in the back. Sometimes a bit crunchy. Sometimes a tad al dente. Not for everyone.

Have a spoon. Not for the story--that you consume with your mind and spirit. The spoon is for luck. We like everyone to have one. At least.

Welcome. Your dish will be ready soon.

About the Chef

I am the author of The Seer, a fantasy novel from Baen Books. I am co-creator of the gambling and divination card deck, Rochi, from King of the Castle and Campaign Coins.

But perhaps you're here for The Stranger?

The Stranger

Amarta can predict the future. Having slipped the controlling grip of the Arunkel empire, she travels, seeking to understand herself and her place in the world. The injustice she finds outrages her. Of all people, she should be able to do something, but this turns out to be harder than it seems. Especially when the past is following close behind. Who must Amarta become to set things right?

The Stranger is the sequel to The Seer. Or The Seer is the prequel. They can be read in either order.


Rochi is a gambling and divination card game that I co-created with award-winning game designer James Ernest. It's being published by King Of The Castle Games in collaboration with Campaign Coins. The deck is 54 cards, each of them a magnificent window onto the world, and each illustrated by artist Mark Joseph Ferrari.

But first and foremost, Rochi exists within the world of The Stranger. This is why James and I created it in the first place.

Want your own deck? The beta version is available from Cheapass Games for free. The full set, with vibrant art, coins, and tokens, from King Of The Castle Games, kickstarting fall 2019.

The Seer

This is the story of a girl who can see into the future and what happens when she comes to the attention of those in power. Everyone wants answers. No one want the truth.

More About Me

My shorter works have appeared in various online and print venues including Wizards of the Coast anthologies, Asimov's SF Magazine, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. I'm pretty proud of that last one. Mainstream, it is.

A full bibliography is here.

Among the other hats I sometimes wear, I serve as the Communications Director of an independent consumer guide to premium chocolate, which includes ratings, reviews, & tools for finding, buying, & appreciating the world’s best chocolate. Chocolate. FTW.

I dance, I sing, and I know how to use weapons.

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