Colleen Flanigan

Colleen Flanigan

creating Living Sea Sculptures and a World for Coral Reefs to Fl
Polyp Patron
$1 per month

You're officially among the Earthlings creating the conditions for life to flourish. You'll get behind the scenes posts, invites, and updates. We want to hear from you. You rock! Polyp by polyp a reef is made.

Fish Kiss
$5 per month
Puffers, parrots, sergeant majors, and whole schools of other tropical fish will be puckering up for you in gratitude for helping to provide them homes, food, and shelter. Plus all the above! Don't miss out on the 10% discount on all items in our Living Sea Sculpture Member-only Store. 
Virtual Aquarium
$10 per month

This lovely trunkfish is a regular around Zoe. Every day you will see something unique pass by the webcam in Cozumel. Once a month you'll receive an email with a screenshot from our Zoecam. PLUS 10% off everything in our Living Sea Sculpture Member Store. Plus all above perks and peeks.

I'm a Zoaista
$15 per month
Yea! $15 covers Oxygen tanks for 2 research divers/month working to cultivate corals on Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture in Cozumel! You'll get a Zoe diver heart sticker and a Zoe postcard. What's a Zoaista? you ask. Someone who helps create a world for coral reefs to flourish. Zoa as in Zoanthids, as in groups of a specific animal or organisms, living beings... And you'll get the above perks!
22 and You
$22 per month
22 is my favorite number! You'll receive a custom Living Sea Sculpture tote or drawstring bag with images from a Virtual Reality (VR) Coral Reef I'm working on in Tilt Brush or from the live-streaming ocean webcam. Your choice!
And all the above.
$25 per month
Become a proud coral mama papa auntie uncle! We're monitoring nearly 300 coral colonies on Zoe, and soon we plan to add more in collaboration with INAPESCA (Mexican Coral Cultivation Institute). By email you will receive: 1) a digital, high res close-up photo of one of the 11 species living on Zoe 2) a coral adoption certificate made out to whomever you wish 3) a signed letter of gratitude for your donation with information about your species. NOTE: $25 is the Adopt-a-Coral FEE. If you choose to be an ongoing monthly member, your ongoing contribution will go towards cultivating healthy coral colonies on Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture and you will receive patron-only behind the scenes updates + 10%-OFF at our member store! 
Coral Reef Hugger
$100 per month
In theory, you'd swim right out there and hug a coral, but DON'T! No touchy unless you're planting them. We'll plant a coral in your name and send you a photo. Plus all previous rewards!
$500 per monthonly 6 left
I'll be your coral polyp, you be my zooxanthellae. Or maybe better, I'll provide the photosynthesis and you secrete the livable structure. Coral reefs are the largest structures of biological origin on Earth because of this mutually beneficial give and take. You will receive a one-of-a-kind work of art. Plus all above.
Virtual Tour Guide
$1,000 per month
You know who you are. You are the sand of the Earth created by corals, for corals, with corals. Living Sea Supporters like you are few. You have access to moving the tilt, pan, zoom webcam. Create a custom webcam tour for public viewing. Plus all previous rewards.