Demented Tours

Demented Tours

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$1 per month

You are the light of millions of years of wisdom and encouragement shining down on a lonely, mildly flustered Chaos Manager's writing desk.  Dee's up too late trying to cobble words together. You allow her to find her glasses, and she is most appreciative. At this level you receive:

  • Satisfaction of Supporting A Chaos Manager

  • All text updates posted to Patreon page

$2 per month

You are the light that catches Dee's eye through the window and before she knows it, she is wandering outside in the yard in the wee hours of the morning, gaping at your luminous beauty. And this is a big deal 'cause she hates wet grass, and she's probably standing there with it just covering her bare feet. At this level your receive the above AND!

  • Monthly writing snippets of the current Thing of Many Pages (while projects are ongoing) delivered via email along with a writing update newsletter on the 2nd of every month.

  • Short stories, random pieces of writing craft

Shooting Stars
$5 per month

"OMG A SHINY!" You are the thing of amazement that makes Dee dance around and make frantic wishes. Also, you remind her that if she writes more, she might see more falling stars. This correlation may be flawed, but it does get her to the keyboard. At this level you receive all of the above AND!

  • Discord access to semi-regularly scheduled Read A-Longs wherein I will preview audio versions of ongoing stories.

  • Early access to audio files.

Includes Discord benefits
Blazing Comets
$10 per month
You are the heavenly fireball of encouragement for Dee, who stands at her back door, gazing skyward with pens sticking out of her hair while holding late-night coffee. She thinks you are the most beauteous and dangerous thing she's ever seen and is instantly in love... and inspired to scribble on the nearest available surface.

At this level you receive all of the above AND!
  • Acknowledgment of Username in eBook/Novel Publications
  • Acknowledgement of Username in Public YouTube Videos (Note: Post 10/15/19)
  • FREE! copies of all published ebooks.

    [Note: Patrons prior to 4/1/18 who have fulfilled at least one pay cycle will receive acknowledgement in all print publications, as they are the Official Start Up Team]
Includes Discord benefits