Lindy Fitness and The Git Gud Factory

Lindy Fitness and The Git Gud Factory

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This is purely financial in nature for people who want to support the time and labor in some way shape or form monetarily. It's a small amount but know if enough people take on the task to donate monthly this can cover so many expenses and allow me to take on more dance and fitness related content projects.

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This tier is for people who not only want to give financial support but also want to be more involved and gain a deeper understanding of what went into my projects. Here you have an opportunity to partake in exclusive Q and A segments every month regarding the content I've produced. This way we can form more of a conversational and educational environment while also inspiring future content!!

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This is for the people who not only want to support my work financially but be a part of the process of inspiring future works via exclusive voting polls along with exclusive Q and A's with peeps at the supporter level!