Blue Fire

Blue Fire

Creating OpenSource tools
$1 per month

Thanks for supporting us, all supporters will have a special role on our discord server which grants access to special channels!

We will also give you access to alpha builds of our games in development.

Includes Discord benefits
Super Supporter
$5 per month

Thanks for the additional support, in addition previous perks, we will also include a thanks with your name on the games that we release.

Includes Discord benefits
Awesome Supporter
$10 per month
Thanks for the awesome support! In addition to all benefits from the previous tiers, we will send you a thank you letter hand written by the Blue Fire Team.

In addition to that, you will be able to select one issue at any of our repositories and we compromise to take a more attentive look to it. That does not mean we will agree with your feature request or be able to fix your bug, but your issue will be on our top priority for that repo.

Includes Discord benefits
Epic Supporter
$15 per monthonly 2 left

This tier includes all the previous perks, also, we can provide you up to one hour per month (to be scheduled in agreement with both parties) of personal support with one of our members.

Flame sponsor
$50 per month
This tier includes all the previous perks, plus we will include your log, name and a link in a sponsor section of the Flame Engine GitHub repository.