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Creating General Practitioner 2 - Adult Medical Visual Novel
Medical Student
$1 per month
When a person is in medical school studying to become a doctor, that person is called a medical student. This person hasn’t graduated and doesn’t have a medical degree yet.

As a Medical Student you're going to receive updates and new images for each release to come, looking at what you're going to play in the next few weeks.
  • Preview of the more recent updates to our games
$5 per month
Right below attending physicians when it comes to responsibilities are fellows. These doctors are working on a fellowship, or advanced training in a specific medical specialty, after completing their primary residencies.

Although they are ready to practice medicine, because they are in specialty training, most have little direct contact with patients. A fellow can write orders in a patient’s chart, as well as make decisions related to the treatment plan.

  • 7-day preview of each public release of the game
  • All previous tiers' rewards
Attending Physician
$10 per month
Every pre-med should understand that the senior doctors in a hospital are the attending physicians. They are responsible for the major decision-making related to a patient’s treatment.

These doctors are fully trained, with at least three years of residency training under their belts. Depending on their specialized fields, they may or may not have passed board exams related to those specialties.

  • 30 days early update of General Practitioner 2
  • General Practitioner 2 Steam Key
  • The Coroner Saga Episode 1 Steam Key (one per account)
  • All previous Tiers' rewards
Head of Department
$15 per month
When you work at a hospital, the doctor responsible for a patient’s treatment plan is the attending. There may be times when your attending is too busy or preoccupied to answer your questions.

In that case, you need to go to the head of the department associated with the issues. IE, the head of orthopedics or head of pediatrics.

Are you ready to face the unknown with me?
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Medical Director
$20 per month
The directors of a hospital are industry leaders in charge of overseeing every single physician on the staff. Medical directors establish good practices and policies for the institution with the goal of high-quality patient care in mind.
Every aspect of outpatient and inpatient care is coordinated by these directors. Each and every physician in a hospital answers to these professionals.

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  • General Practitioner 1 Steam Key
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Hospital CEO
$30 per month
As guardians of some of the world’s key pieces of infrastructure, hospital CEOs have a tremendous impact on the lives of their constituents. Being the chief executive officer of a hospital means being part business leader and part politician, requiring a blend of diplomacy, advocacy, business management, and financial sense. And the stakes of this role aren’t just profit and loss, but life and death.
  • Yomi Alliance Steam Key
  • General Practitioner 1 Steam Key
  • Request a scene for one of our games: we will implement it if it fits the story! You can ask us to include your fantasy story, or a sci-fi situation you read in a book and would like to play, or anything that crosses your mind!
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Hospital CEO and Chief Resident
$50 per month
Hospital CEOs have a wide range of responsibilities; their work environment and day-to-day lives can vary immensely. In addition to requiring competence as both a business leader and a healthcare executive, hospital CEOs are increasingly being called upon to transition and modernize. 

I can't thank you enough if you choose to support me as a Hospital CEO and Chief Resident. That's why you will receive some very important rewards from me, plus all the others from every previous rank tier!

Download the character creation sheet here!
    You can write down what the examination will  contain. If it's legal and fits in the game as a whole I will include  in the game)
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  • You may name a new character as you wish
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