Diniz Cabreira

Diniz Cabreira

designs, texts and videos on medieval history & martial arts
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$1 per month
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You get:

- Access to the Great Library!
I'll be posting stuff from time to time in the patreon log which isn't exactly for general distribution: think on drafts of translations, or the source files for designs which I'm offering as merchandise in my RedBubble shop.

- Access to closed-doors discussions on which projects to tackle, issues I'm having with current ones, etc.

- My eternal thanks!
It isn't much for you, but if several people start throwing in a coffee-a-month this way, it can potentially mean a lot for me!
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Group lessons @ Arte do Combate
$30 per month
This is what Arte do Combate students currently pay for their monthly Kunst des Fechtens classes: two days per week, 90 minutes each day, october to june.

If you live in Galiza and plan on attending classes, this is a convenient way to pay for them (you can also pay in cash at the beginning of every month, as usual).

If you don't live here but want to help our school keep running — well, thank you! We'll regard you as a honorary member and should you anytime come visiting, we'll do our best to arrange something for you!

Note: keep in mind that in order to partake in any physical activity you still have to pay the yearly registration fee (currently 25€, but subject to change) at the beginning of your yearly physical activity. This is so because it includes the sports insurance and entry into the galician HEMA federation, with its associated benefits — like a 50% discount in AGEA Editora books. Because Patreon doesn't handle well yearly payments, we'll have to conduct this on our own. Write to me.
  • Physical weekly classes
Weekly individual lesson
$120 per month
So you want undivided attention?
Or perhaps you live away from Galiza but still want to train with me?
In either case, we can arrange something.
- If you are or will be physically here, I'll put aside an hour a week to train with you.
- If you prefer, we can arrange an on-line class and make it work. You'll need to have your own equipment and webcam, though!
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Your own commissioned design
$180 per month
Wow! You must really like the work I'm doing!
If you choose this option, I'll be able to set aside a few hours to work on a relatively simple design for you.
We'll talk about the theme, what you want it for and some other details, and the output would be high-quality files for which you will be able to print in a poster, or for the cover of a book, or for a t-shirt.
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