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Simple & Easy
$2.50 per month

The "thanks for producing quality content" level. Now you can access the community forum (at trust level 2) and ask questions and interact. 

*Access to ad-free videos.

Dedicated Supporter
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Thanks for being a supporter, you get access to the forum (at trust level 2) and if you have a website or channel you want to be listed, you'll get a link on the supporter's page on 

* Access the production schedual to see what is coming down the video pipeline.
 * Access to ad-free videos. 
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$20 per month

Wow and thanks, your contribution is motivating. You get everything in the previous 2 tiers plus a few other benefits to be named later.

YouTube Commentator
$10,000 per month
A tier specifically for those YouTube commentators that are just never happy with how I produce a video. With this level, if you don't like my shirt, pick a new shirt and I will wear it. Don't like my Olympus camera gear? I'll buy a new camera with your brand preference in mind. Feel I'd be better served by having a dedicated videographer? Boom, done, want ad placed. Think I need a cow? I'll get two cows! I'll even save a seat for you at the final dinner so you can experience flavours beyond that bowl of microwaved Chef Boyardee ravioli your mom just made you. She's welcome to come too, she sounds like a nice lady for letting you live in the basement late into your middle-age.