Great Night

Great Night

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Shine On You Crazy Diamonds
$2 per tuesday night shenanigan
You will get the custom RSS feed giving you access to the live show on Tuesday PLUS the Patreon-exclusive show that arrives on Thursday.

A week’s worth of Great Night delivered to you!
Includes Discord benefits
$50 per tuesday night shenanigan (sold out!)
The Four Horseboys of Great Night - Woooooo! To be the patron you gotta beat the patron. And YOU? You're the best of the best.

You get everything we promised before including the Tuesday shows, the Patron-exclusive Thursday show AND occasional SUPER EXCLUSIVE Horseboy only shows. Further more, free stylin' AND profilin'! Woooo!

Also, there are ONLY Four Horseboys. Ever. Once someone else drops, their spot opens. If there are already four installed, then I don't care if the Sultan of Brunei rolled in riding a glided Segway waving a vase full of ancient doubloons. HE AIN'T A HORSEBOY UNTIL SOMEONE ABDICATES.

Includes Discord benefits