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Friendly Patron
$1 per month

Epic Donator Patron Tier.

You will be given a special role on our Discord. And your ideas may very well be included in my mods.

Includes Discord benefits
Super Patron
$5 per month

Legendary Donator Patron Tier.

You will get everything else in the previous tier. You can also request a small custom mod.

Includes Discord benefits
Helpful Patron
$10 per monthonly 25 left
You get everything from the previous two tiers plus the ability to use Neko Gaming's GitLab. Of course follow the terms of service of the service as in no uploading of copyrighted/illegal content. Thank you.
Includes Discord benefits
Ultimate Tier
$20 per monthonly 25 left

Ultimate Donator Patron Tier.

You get everything in the previous tier. And you can request any size mod depending how much more you donate, from a medium-ish sized mod to boot.

Includes Discord benefits