Keats Ross & PragMagick (W†H)

Keats Ross & PragMagick (W†H)

Creating Pragmagick, Dakota Slim, Publishing, Blog, Records and Community
PRAGMAGICK Subscription
$1 per month
• Podcast Subscription

• Episodes Before Release

• Extras like full RAW interviews and Unedited Interviews

• Secret Revel rambles and messages

• PODCAST shoutout on Show

• My undying love and gratitude

$3 per month
  • All PODCAST benefits plus
  • Video / YouTube files before release
  • Feedback on upcoming episodes and videos
  • YouTube Community extras such as VIDEO shoutout
  • A PSYCHIC bear hug

REVELATOR (All Revel Rosz Content)
$5 per month
You're helping fund the ferociously, all-consuming creative muse that possesses Revel Rosz (Travis Keats Ross).  You get access to his consistent output across a multitude of artistic mediums including original music, journalism, prose, film and design.  All of it.  This tier will be the most fervently rewarded.

• All previous Revel Rosz associated rewards such as all music, PRAGMAGICK podcast and videos as well as

• Music Video and Experimental film

• Photography

• Unreleased Art

• WEEKLY Journal / Update

• PERSONAL insight and feedback on art/life

• SPIRITUAL / OCCULT practices / techniques UNIQUE to me


• SUBMIT art / music / writing to be considered for podcast play, review, zine content and magicks

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We The Hallowed Subscription
$7 per month
  • Subscription to all REVEL ROSZ content and previous rewards +  
  • W†H content (Associated art, Music from various members, Writings, etc.)*
  • Submission Review / Admission to W†H performances and salons
  • Thanks in whichever release your funds helped realize

    *Funds allocated specifically for W†H related projects