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Good Times, Great Oldies
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By supporting our network at this level, you’ll get ad-free content + the back library of a few of Solid Listen’s earliest programming (like early eps of FIMH & DUNZO!, Spelling, T, Realizing Stuff, and more), in addition to early access to Trend Lightly and MMISWP (the day before they are available on their main feeds). We <3 you!

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Pledging at this level will give you access to bonuses and exclusives and you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Early access to Life Behind the Times, a monthly Solid Listen exclusive where Molly and her lawyer friend Kate, dive into the true stories behind the Lifetime movies and “ripped from the headlines” shows you love

  • All the benefits from the $5/month tier

True Lovers
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When you become a super supporter of Solid Listen, you’ll get even more awesome stuff:

  • MMISWP a week early!

  • Two (2) monthly general Angel card readings (video)

  • Super Supporter-only Zoom Happy Hours every other month with Molly, Nicole, and surprise guests. We’ll either pick a topic or play a game. Feel free to keep your video off and stay involved in the conversation via chat. (These will be announced in advance, but we’re thinking Tuesday nights around 8pm EST/5pm PST)

  • Solid Listen Merch

    • Friends & Family discount on all SL Merch; and

    • After three (3) months of support at this level, you pick: t-shirt, tote bag, or mug!

  • All the benefits from the $5/month & $10/month tiers