Sophie from Mars

Sophie from Mars

Creating positive vibes
$1 per monthonly 327 left

On this tier, patrons can read all our old essays in text form, which, y'know, contains extra content most of the time. 

Additionally, patrons will have their names appear at the end of videos, in the credits.

Antifa Supersoldier
$2 per monthonly 208 left
On this tier, you will get early access to videos once they're edited, as well as the backlog of written essays.

$2+ patrons get access to some bonus content that I produce for patrons ONLY.
$3 per monthonly 669 left
On this tier we'll give you access to the text versions of essays before we even start filming, as well as early access to videos and access to the backlog of posts.

$3+ patrons will also get early access to episodes of the Rolling With Rainbows podcast

Dues-Paying Union Member
$5 per monthonly 662 left
On this tier, you will automatically gain access to the Martian Commune discord server.

$5+ patrons can also vote on what topics I discuss in my monthly unscripted ramble videos
Woke Bae
$10 per month
If you pledge on this tier you're probably just giving me money to give me money, but feel free to suggest topics for videos if you really really want to see me talk about it and I'll at least consider them for unscripted ramble videos.
$10+ patrons also get to vote earlier on what unscripted ramble videos will be about

Average Joe
$25 per month
This tier is clearly just here for people who want to give me loads of money, so please only pledge this much or more if you have the disposable income.

To commemorate you being an Average Joe I will think about you a normal, average amount